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Post-Bariatric Surgery

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Post-Bariatric Surgery Post-Bariatric Surgery

48-year-old female, 5'3", and weighing 155 pounds underwent a lower body lift, breast lift, breast augmentation and flank and back liposuction.

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Post-Bariatric Surgery post_bariatric_case_2

43 year old female 5'6" weighing 152 pounds underwent a staged circumferential tummy tuck (lower body lift), abdominal hernia repair, bilateral brachioplasty with extended L brachioplasty along the lateral chest wall, extended medial thigh lift and liposuction to the flanks, back, medial (inner thigh) and knee.

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Post-Bariatric Surgery post_bariatric_case_3

42 year old female 5'7" weighing 220 pounds developed laxity, rashes, and skin excess after losing 230 pounds through a combination of a gastric bypass and diet modification underwent a staged circumferential tummy tuck (lower body lift), circumferential thigh liposuction, liposuction of flanks and back, and upper back lift

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