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Facial Rejuvenation Before & After Gallery*


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* Patients individual results may vary.

Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_8

Dr. Levine used a minimally invasive RF-assisted neck tightening procedure, as well as performed a rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_15

This patient’s profile bothered her the most. She didn’t like the bump or the way the tip of her nose bent downward.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_17

This patient’s profile and the overall size of her nose bothered her the most. She was tired of editing her profile for her Instagram pictures, so a rhinoplasty was the best choice.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_4

This patient said that her new nose felt natural and comfortable, like the one she was always supposed to have, making her feel more confident and self-assured.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_2

This is a nasal trauma case. The patient felt as though her nose was too big after the accident and her chin appeared too small.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_5

This patient has a small petite face and had a small nose with a bump on her bridge.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_7

Subtle, natural, and just a bit more slender was the ideal nose that this patient desired in her consultation with Dr. Levine.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_10

Patient wanted the shape of her nose changed. She didn’t like her bump, which was most obvious in her profile view.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_13

This young patient was bothered by the slight bump in her nose and the slant at the tip . Over her summer break, she took time to have a nose job with Dr. Elie Levine.

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Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty_12

This young patient felt her nose was just too long for her face.

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