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Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement New York

Attaining the ideal body contour may require more than a dedicated diet and exercise program. Breast augmentation in NYC is the most popular surgical procedure in the United States today because it can help woman attain the breast size, shape, and volume they desire. Breast implants achieve more than just an increased breast size. Women who have lost breast volume and shape due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations can enjoy the benefits of breast implants as well. Men often benefit from male breast reductions, known as treatment for Gynecomastia, to provide a more defined, contoured chest. In addition to breast augmentation and Gynecomastia, Dr. Elie Levine can also correct problems with current breast implants and perform other breast enhancement procedures, such as a breast lift, breast reconstruction, breast asymmetry, and breast reduction in NYC. Men and women have individual body types, shapes, and goals; the necessary procedure that will produce the best results for your body differs on an individual basis. Discover which breast enhancement procedure is best suited for you at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC.*